Gastvortrag: Learning Each Other’s Historical Narrative

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Learning Each Other‘s Historical Narrative — Gastvortrag

Vor­trag am 16. Juli 2009 16:15

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Prof. Dr. Shifra Sagy
(Ben-Guri­on-Uni­ver­si­ty of the Negev;
Beer-She­va, Israel)

Prof. Dr. Sami Adwan
(Beth­le­hem Uni­ver­si­ty,
Pales­tin­ian Authority)

Learn­ing Each Other‘s His­tor­i­cal Narrative
An inno­v­a­tive form of peace-pro­mot­ing his­to­ry teach­ing and its back­ground con­di­tions in con­flict­ing societies

Sami Adwan, Prof. of Edu­ca­tion in Beth­le­hem, is co-ini­tia­tor (togeth­er with the late with Dan Bar-On) and co-direc­tor of PRIME, the Peace-Research Insti­tute for the Mid­dle East in Tal­itha Kumi. In this func­tion, he ini­ti­at­ed a project for pro­mot­ing a cul­ture of mutu­al under­stand­ing among Jew­ish Israeli and Pales­tin­ian Stu­dents using a his­to­ry text­book pre­sent­ing the his­to­ry of their soci­eties‘ con­flict in two con­trast­ing nar­ra­tives (Learn­ing each other‘s his­tor­i­cal nar­ra­tive; 3 vol­umes). This project makes use of prin­ci­ples which cor­re­late with stan­dard prin­ci­ples of his­to­ry teach­ing, the­o­ret­i­cal­ly cher­ished in Ger­man his­to­ry didac­tics, how­ev­er not ful­ly imple­ment­ed in teach­ing mate­ri­als so far (mul­ti­per­spec­tiv­i­ty, con­tro­ver­sial­ty, ori­en­ta­tion on nar­ra­tives rather than only on pri­ma­ry sources). Prof. Adwan will give a pre­sen­ta­tion about the idea of, the con­cept for and the expe­ri­ences with this project.

Shifra Sagy, Prof. of Psy­chol­o­gy, has under­tak­en empir­i­cal research about the per­cep­tion of the mutu­al con­flict among Jew­ish and Arab Israeli stu­dents in a lon­gi­tu­di­nal study. She will present her results and dis­cuss them with spe­cial regard to effects of the the chang­ing polit­i­cal sit­u­a­tion onto both the per­cep­tion and inter­pre­ta­tion both of the past and on the atti­tudes towards the other.

Fakultät für Erziehungswis­senschaft, Psy­cholo­gie und Bewegungswissenschaft

Pro­fes­sur für Erziehungswissenschaft

unter bes. Berück­sich­ti­gung der Didak­tik der Geschichte und der Politik

Prof. Dr. Andreas Körber